Long Weekend in Rabat

We’ve all heard of Marrakech, but how many of you have visited Rabat, Morocco’s capital?

It’s a lovely place for a quick weekend getaway and just a short affordable flight from the UK.
We had an absolute ball when we visited – staying in a souk in true old Moroccan style, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the ability to visit on the excellent train service both Meknes & Casablanca.

Familes & Sustainable Travel in Norfolk

Feel Inspired | Give a Child a Camera

Inspired by my project Give a Child a Camera…? Pop along to Open, Norwich on the 29th March.

In association with those lovely folks at WEX Photographic – I’ll be giving a talk about #GiveaChildaCamera – how the project started, what the children of rural Uganda thought about using a camera for the first time and ultimately displaying a selection of awe inspiring images from the kids both from V1 & V2 of the project, along with a small selection of my own work from my time over the last couple of years living within the rural community.

To find out more  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/give-a-child-a-camera-semina…

Two Days Left |Give a Child a Camera Exhibition

If you’ve not already taken a trip to Sam’s Coffee in Lowestoft, you have just a couple of days left to visit the ‘Give a child a camera’ exhibition.

Featuring the photographic work of children from Eden School, the exhibition tells the story of children from this rural part of Africa through their own images.

if you would like to find out more about the project or to donate to the project please visit http://www.julianclaxtonphotography.com/give-a-child-a-camera-photography-to-children-in-rural-africa/

Young Ugandan lad from the village

This young lad came from the local village and was working as a laborer with some builders.
An Incredibly hard worker, he would often stop and stare at the Westerner, watching intently at every footstep I took, never showing any emotion.
Many of the local children were on a break from schools in the area, and although I was told he goes to school, many had told me he ‘sometimes’ goes, no doubt dependent if his mother/guardian required him to earn some money for the family that day.











Give a child a camera…. what an image

I just love this photograph. Taken at school in Uganda 2016, the children were in the throws of morning assembly, lots of singing and dancing.

As I was shooting a few images I noticed out of the corner of my eye that one of the children was taking photographs.
Given a camera three days prior, I was so pleased to see him shooting images. Wonderful










Part II Give a Child a Camera @ Sams | Lowestoft

From Saturday 13th August part II of my Africa project ‘Give a Child a Camera’ will be on show at Sams Coffee house in Lowestoft – Children from Eden School in Uganda who were involved in part II of the project from this year will have a selection of their work exhibited, telling the story through images of their life and the community.
Alongside a selection of their images I will also be exhibiting a small handful of my own images shot this year in rural Uganda.
Images will be on sale, with revenue raised going straight back to the project and respective photographers.
Please take some time to pop in, it’s a lovely relaxed coffee shop which helps local young kids
A special thank you to Sams for hosting the work to the lovely folks at Interprint in Norwich who have sorted the flyer printing!

Sams_Exhib_1 Sams_Exhib_2

Providing Photography to Rural Africa

When Julian Claxton chanced upon a rural Ugandan school, he ended up giving 25 children the gift of photography. He tells the story”

Read the story of how I am providing photography to rural Africa in the blog post I have written for Wex Photographic..



And the winner is…..

And the winner is… as many of you will have seen on social media, I’m really proud to announce that the photograph I shot at Eden School during my first visit to this wonderful rural location has won the 2015 Travel Media Awards – Photography category.

“The winners of the inaugural Travel Media Awards were announced on 10 November 2015 at a glamorous awards ceremony at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London.

The event was attended by the UK’s top travel media, with 20 publications, broadcasters, journalists and photographers collecting a prestigious award. The announcement follows extensive deliberation by panels of industry and media judges”

Thanks to everyone who has been on the journey with me thus far, with special thanks to the children at Eden, without this chance meeting and their shear enthusiasm I wouldn’t be a winner!

Eden_Winner Julian_Awards_London_2015

Feel inspired and joyful of humankind!

Just under two weeks to go until the awards evening..!

I like to think I have helped inspire the children at Eden school to think about photography and art, giving them the opportunity to use cameras and try something new…. Equally, those children and others I have met during my East Africa travels have inspired me to think about life differently.

After all, look at the passion these kids have, how can you not feel inspired and joyful of humankind!

_JWC1534_low EDP_AWards