“We are the last of the hunters”

Photographed in 2019 as part of theportraits.co.uk social documentary series and spoken in his own words.
Lowestoft Skipper Melvin.

At 16 I went to sea, I was a merchant seaman, travelling around the world and learning a lot.
In my late twenties I returned home and had a family – it’s my hobby that is my job. It’s a job you can’t do for the money, you must want to do it.
Being a born optimist is a requirement. Just because you didn’t catch finish last month or last week, doesn’t mean you won’t tomorrow. You must remain positive.

Generally, things go in cycles, nature goes in cycles, that’s just part of life.

We catch a lot of Welks. Of course, Fishing is very seasonable, summer is completely different to Winter. Then it’s mainly long lines, catching Cod, Skate, dog-fish, seabass etc. In the summer we mainly use nets, catching dove sole, whiting, plaice, brills, turbots.
It’s traditionally been like this for smaller vessels for many years.
Sadly now, it’s virtually impossible for a young person to join the industry and create a lifestyle to suit.

The boat is called the four daughters, a reflection of my lovely family.
You find a clean shiny boat; I’ll show you a boat that doesn’t go to sea. It’s a dirty, grimy job, but hugely enjoyable. In Winter it can be tough, 4am starts when everyone else is in bed, it’s dark, cold and wet and I’m off to sea. It’s certainly not for everyone.


20 years ago…. A Level Results

Is it really around 20 years since I picked up my A Level results….? goodness me, time really does fly – still, it’s been one hell of a journey.

around three weeks ago I went along to East Norfolk Sixth Form college, spending a couple of hours watching & photographing the folks get their results.

Enjoy being young – before you know it you’ll be in your late 30’s!

Photo story on a TV set

Working on a film set with Relational Schools in Linton Cambridgeshire, I was asked to produce a narrative of the days filming… It’s the second time I’ve worked with a production company and it was good fun! testing at times…seeing several cracking images, but unable to shoot due to sound noise, I had to bide my time!

A series of documentary images were produced, providing a glimpse behind the filming of the days activities at Linton Village College

Norfolk Cycle Show Gallery

Yesterday saw the 2nd Norfolk Cycle Show.

Building on the success of the first event in 2013, the orgnaisers packed a day full of amazing stands, great people and some wonderful guest speakers!

Graeme Obree

Graeme Obree

A particular favorite of mine was Graeme Obree… who I have long admired and has been somewhat of a hero of mine since I took up cycling many years ago. A hugely passionate person who is probably one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting and photographing.

Images from the show are available by clicking on the graphic Norfolk_Cycle_Show_Logo_1394704520_1500x1500

Norfolk Cycle Show

Meeting a legend