Uganda photo project update

At last an update from the photo project in rural Uganda… Apologies for the lack of updates, but reception is pretty patchy, so I’ve just popped along to a hotel to use their dodgy WiFi..

Well, this last week has been pretty intense and amazing fun..walking miles, visiting families in their homes and teaching photography to a new bunch of pupils as well as developing it with students from last year..

Thanks to continued funding a new sanitation block is being built, a music teacher is employed for a few months to teach kids how to play the keyboard I took out and of course we’re working on lots of other bits and pieces.

This morning I’ve just dropped off about 50 films to the lab in the nearest city as well as printing about 150 images from the kids digital cameras. The photos below are pretty rough, as they are from my phone (comms not good) but at least it provides a quick update.PSX_20160212_141427 PSX_20160212_141340

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