The School, The Children, Their Life – photo project

I’ve launched a funding campaign for an amazing photo project that I would like to implement at Eden School in Uganda.

The school, the children, their life

The overall aim of the project is to supply 12-15 children with cameras to shoot images of their daily life and how they see their life within their community. This will involve basic teaching of photography that I will provide, they will then be free to shoot images of their life and create photographs which will be presented and kept by them, of their life at that point. (Naturally the Orphans at this school have never used a camera and have no photographic records of their life)

Planning to return in 2015, I will be going back to the school with cameras and materials for the children to work with.

I estimate the basic needs of the project will cost in the region of £485.00 this is to fund some essential school materials that I will be taking with me, including paper, chalk, pencils, books & sports equipment. This will allow me to purchase 12-15 cameras, the processing costs and basic teaching materials to help the children understand and work with their cameras.

The project will not stop at this point. I wish to create an exhibition of the children’s work (in Uganda) and hopefully in conjunction with The Ugandan Embassy host an exhibition of the work in the UK.

Ultimately the project aims to provide a photographic record of their life for the children to keep and look back on in years to come.

If you can help fund this unique project please share the link and visit 

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