The Birding Vicar

Rev Guias A Hawes “Birding Vicar”
The charming Rev Hawes was someone photographed in 2019 as part of the Portrait social history project.
Spoken in his own words
“Who am I, good question that. Even I am not sure at times. I like to think that I am individual, but like so many have succumbed to social media of our times. Birding was kick started when I was 11 years old after a visit by the police for trapping birds. I was sign posted to a local bird ringer, General Wainwright who introduced me into the world of wildfowl. I would spend one day a week, hands on at Abberton reservoir in Essex. But birding requires you to look up and this led me into conversations with God. So I do claim things about faith, Jesus and to some I am known as the “birding vicar”.

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