BigC Workshop on the Broads

Saturday played host to the BigC Broads Photographic workshop, which I hosted in aid of the fabulous Norfolk charity on the Edge of the River Bure & Thurne.

Given we’ve enjoyed some fabulous recent weather, I think, quite rightly myself and all the participants envisaged a wonderfully warm, bright day with the cameras….. Sadly, we were met with wind, rain and dreadfully cold temperatures… in fact, it felt more like November.

Still, we Brits are a hardy lot and having only one participant pull out, the rest of us popped the rain coats on and proceeded to shoot some atmospheric images along this picturesque part of the Broads.
Naturally, during the workshop, I’m not shooting my own material, instead, advising, suggesting and running through settings and ideas with all.

After the folks had departed Thurne, I stayed on and shot a few 40 second exposures as the darkness rolled in and moments before it began to rain.
A beautiful hue formed over the mill & river and thankfully in those couple of minutes I managed to capture my one frame of the day.

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Feel Inspired | Give a Child a Camera

Inspired by my project Give a Child a Camera…? Pop along to Open, Norwich on the 29th March.

In association with those lovely folks at WEX Photographic – I’ll be giving a talk about #GiveaChildaCamera – how the project started, what the children of rural Uganda thought about using a camera for the first time and ultimately displaying a selection of awe inspiring images from the kids both from V1 & V2 of the project, along with a small selection of my own work from my time over the last couple of years living within the rural community.

To find out more…

#Giveachildacamera talk at Open in Norwich

Have you been captivated by my African photographic project Give a Child a Camera?
In conjunction with Wex Photographic I’ll be giving a talk at Open in Norwich during January about my project, the adventure that saw me out in Africa and how the children of rural Uganda have taken to photography, showing some of their stunning images. The talk will also include moving and inspirational video clips of life at school in rural Uganda.

Signup via the link below









It certainly is #MoreThanAnImage

It’s terrific to see that the UK’s biggest and best (IMHO) photographic retailer is using one of my documentary images from rural Uganda in their #MoreThanAnImage campaign.

“Among a diverse range of photographic assignments, Julian Claxton Photography uses his craft to document and enhance the lives of schoolchildren in rural Africa.

Part of Julian’s Give a Child a Camera project, the image below shows the intense and moving scenes of morning prayer at a community school in Uganda. #MoreThanAnImage

Check out the Wex Photographic facebook page for further details

prayer_uganda_dsc5735        wex

Five in Focus comes down!

Popped into the city again to take down my images form the Five in Focus exhibition at Anteros Arts Foundation today!

A very successful exhibition, with tons of lovely feedback about my travel work.

Thanks to WEX Photographic for inviting me to be part of this fabulous exhibition and indeed for supporting the event.

Hoping to exhibit images from my recent travels in Uganda this summer! Waiting to confirm a local venue!

Five In Focus_ExhibitionDSCF1808 Five in Focus_ExhibitionDSCF1807