Western Uganda | Photographic Exhibition in Lowestoft

Between 12-16th August I will be exhibiting images from a recent journey into Western Uganda.  The exhibition is the first body of work that I have shown locally for some six years, usually displaying my work in Norwich, Bury & Cambridge.

The collection of images, entitled Western Uganda | A Perspective is an exhibition of images documenting people I met, the landscape around me and the impact one particular school had on me.

Planning to return to the school in 2015, I wish to return with some basic materials for the children, as well as returning with a collection of photographic equipment for the children to use. I plan to teach them how to take photographs and will be getting them to tell a story of their life through pictures, that I would love to show at some point in the future.

I would dearly love to see you at some point  next week.

Exhibition Flyer_low