Serene view of Blythburgh at Sunrise

On the way to a morning shoot on the Suffolk/Essex border yesterday I drove through Blythburgh and was captivated by the mist gently lifting off the water – parking down a track I popped the walking boots on and marched across the marshland, arriving just in time before the sun finally broke through.

A serene scene unfolded in front of my eyes and proved to be the perfect start to the day!








Morning shoot in Brancaster

Some images from a shoot on the Norfolk coast for ABG at the White Horse in Brancaster… A great location (if a little windy) to shoot and thankfully it remained dry!

I ended up shooting images of the owners with that wonderful view in shot (lit by several small strobes) and then one with the new extension. but my personal favorite is the one of Cliff Nye in the restaurant – the light was excellent, colours seemed to work wonderfully well – I lit this using two strobes, one diffused and one bounced to fill a little.