Cemex Hackathon | Cambridge

What exactly is a Hackathon? that was the question I was asking about 10 days ago when a booking popped in for a two day shoot in Cambridge working with worldwide brand Cemex.

Arriving at the fabulous Moller Centre, it seems I wasn’t the only one asking that question… However, after two long days, lots of coffee, coca cola and tremendous food – the brains of the 150+ people certainly had a good workout!

Come 4pm on Saturday the final ideas were presented, prizes awarded and the commitment from the company to develop the idea.. what a fab way to generate ideas and ‘move forward’ as a brand.


Portraiture | Cambridge

Really pleased to be asked to collaborate with an agency who works with universities in Cambridge. They wanted a selection of editorial style portraiture of academics for use in up and coming PR material. The brief required bright and pleasing imagery and nothing overly dramatic.

Working around one of the campus locations, it was an enjoyable day and rather interesting to hear about their work, opinions and insight into their world.

Charming city of Cambridge

Popped into the charming city of Cambridge last Thursday to shoot images of ‘Classic Cambridge’ for some new PR material for a local company.

The sun shining, a beautiful day, with especially nice early morning light. Walking around the colleges and across numerous stone bridges, before the city came to life provided me with some rather special access.
Shooting the majority of images with a 50mm f1.4 lens, the post processing has taken the form of contemporary magazine feel to the images – aiding to that classical form.

Here are a few images – a few more to come later in the week