Scenic Cambridge

Busy processing images from my shoot in Cambridge on Sunday… an early start, saw some wonderful light about 7:30am.
It was important that the client had a variety of inspirational and creative images of old and new Cambridge – moving away from the tried and tested imagery of the city to something a little more interesting and emotive – scrapping a lot of the traditional rules of photography to bring together a creative narrative of the modern city.

The B/W is a view of Corpus College – While everyone was shooting images of the college and all taking the same shot, I stood back, waited for a few minutes and grabbed a couple of frames of the college, but with the gorgeous silhouettes of the tourists, all taking their own photographs.

Emotive images from a day shooting in Cambridge

Another set of emotive images from a day shooting in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago.

As well as the usual sights of the colleges, it was both interesting and fun to capture images showing the depth and variety of subject matter available to shoot.

I particularly enjoyed wandering amongst the streets, sipping a coffee and waiting for scenes to unfold – bikes to go along the cobbled streets, a punt to travel under the bridges on the River Cam or the sun to shine on wonderful architecture – a truly enjoyable, if tiring day.

A Day | A Night | Blackpool with the Pocket Camera

A few images from a couple of days up North… I was away on a shoot in Liverpool and decided to head to Blackpool – left the ‘proper’ cameras in the car and shot a few images on the little Fuji… lovely sky and a nice day or two