Waxings | English Touring Opera in Norwich

Last week I was shooting images for the English Touring Opera in Norwich. Their show Waxwings was being performed at Arden school in the city..

Waxwings is the latest in ETO’s acclaimed series of operas for young people. The opera is highly interactive, with lots of multi-sensory elements, and is designed to stimulate and engage with young people.

The story is about a boy called Olly and his sister Cilla. Olly is autistic and is obsessed with birds. They find a waxwing on their way to their new school and take it with them. Olly’s new teacher immediately takes against him, and the boy struggles with the simplest questions. The teacher hears the little bird in Olly’s pocket and calls for the Headteacher, who turns out to be part human, part Minotaur, with an appetite for small birds. They run with the waxwing to the top of the building to escape, and make wings for Olly made of wax and feathers