Portrait of a Shop Keeper, Mijatovac

Day 13 of cycling from Suffolk to Rwanda… on a another epic day in the saddle (total of 102 miles) I had cycled roughly 80 miles when I came across this wonderful little store on the outskirts of a village near Mijatovac in Serbia – it was a wooden shack by the road and was a real godsend as energy levels were dipping!

Chomping down on bread, biscuits and coca cola, I replenished my energy levels sitting on a stool inside the shop, attempting to communicate with this lovely lady. We didn’t really understand each other, but it’s amazing what a smile does.Thankfully she posed for a photo (I just loved the aesthetics of the small wooden building), becoming part of my story of the life changing journey I was on.

Interestingly, as I was packing the bag and leaving, a chap in a new Mercedes pulled up and chatted in depth with her, asking me who I was & what I was doing in this part of Serbia.

He was nice enough – but I later found out he would have been part of the local mafia.


The Storytellers….

Telling stories is a real art – I mean the folks that call themselves the storytellers, really can bring to life stories that have been passed through generations.

Through my work I’ve been fortunate enough to hear some of the wonderful old and romantic stories.
Last week I had the pleasure of photographing two storytellers, Hugh Lupton and Taffy Thomas, two of the better known artists of their craft. I carefully moved around, shooting images while listening intently to theirwonderful and creative narratives.

Previously I had worked for BBC Countryfile, shooting images of presenter Katie Knapman who was on a storytelling course in Essex – this was also great fun, using a wonderfully ornate tipie, storyteller Paul Jackson lit the fire and held the listeners with his creative and moving stories.