Corporate clients invest in photography

I’m fortunate enough to work with a handful of terrific corporate clients who invest in photography – they have ditched cheap universal stock photography and all the associated problems these images bring (the same images on similar businesses etc) and instead believe in creating their own imagery of staff and clients – real people and a real focus on individuals.

Recently I was sent out to the coast to photograph one of their clients, a landlord who has a reputation for providing fabulous property services, as well as renovating some of the gorgeous Victorian properties along the seafront.

picfair pick of the week….

Lovely to see two of my images on the picfair pick of the week…

One of them is of a Norfolk reed cutter – Eric Edwards, who I spent a lot of time with, shooting images and learning the craft of reed cutting. Over two winters I collected a wonderful array of images of the Eric working on the Norfolk reed beds. He was a real character, always had a story to tell and was a wonderful ambassador for his industry.

Sadly Eric passed away a few years ago, but his memory and inspiration really do live on.