The Norfolk & Norwich Festival…what an opening night!

Friday evening Norwich played host to the opening reception of the fabulous Norfolk & Norwich Festival where French company Transe Express led crowds through the city in a whirlwind of music, dance & acrobatics as thousands gathered around the City Hall & The Forum, Norwich to celebrate this rather energetic and atmospheric opening….

Incredible how a festival such as the Norfolk & Norwich can uplift the area, bringing in wonderful art, culture and generally a feeling of happiness and brightness during what are becoming ever more tough times for the vulnerable in our society.

Enjoy the festival & celebrate our wonderful multicultural outlook.

Norfolk Cycle Show Gallery

Yesterday saw the 2nd Norfolk Cycle Show.

Building on the success of the first event in 2013, the orgnaisers packed a day full of amazing stands, great people and some wonderful guest speakers!

Graeme Obree

Graeme Obree

A particular favorite of mine was Graeme Obree… who I have long admired and has been somewhat of a hero of mine since I took up cycling many years ago. A hugely passionate person who is probably one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of meeting and photographing.

Images from the show are available by clicking on the graphic Norfolk_Cycle_Show_Logo_1394704520_1500x1500

Norfolk Cycle Show

Meeting a legend