On board the Excelsior

I’ve just finished a super assignment, working with the lovely folks at the Excelsior on an illustrated feature for Archant Suffolk Magazine..

I had a super day sailing with the folks, learnt lots and really enjoyed climbing up the ratlines (what a view!!)

“The Excelsior is huge part of Lowestoft, a real segment of the heritage and fabric of this part of Suffolk, harping back to former glories. Built in 1921 by John Chambers, the 77ft sailing trawler was commissioned by a local consortium to replace their 1885 smack. In the 1920’s the smack had a crew of 4 men and boy, and would be seen sailing along the coast, filling the Southern North Sea with some 200 similar vessels, all on the hunt for a healthy and profitable catch to bring back to port.
Having spent a few years on the seas, Excelsior was laid up in 1933 and in 1935 she was sold to Norway, where it was converted into a motor coaster”