The rush cutters of Oulton Broad

In the June edition of BBC Countryfile is a feature on Waveney Rush of Oulton Broad.

Spending a couple of days with the team of rush cutters and weavers, I joined them on the river, where they cut the bull rushes, then back to their lovely workshop on the banks of Oulton Broad. Watching as they weave the rush into magnificent mats, baskets and in the case of the tutorial, coasters!

If you’re local they are well worth a visit

Waveney Rush on the Norfolk Broads

Last week was a varied time of shoots… on the Norfolk Broads, at Olympia in London and then in Tottenham in North London.. Couldn’t really get much more of a mixed bag than that!

The images below were from a shoot at Waveney Rush for BBC Countryfile magazine. Having finished an illustrated feature for the magazine I was then commissioned to also produce a ‘how to’ guide for making a drinks coaster from rushes collected from the Broads… it was easier to shoot than to make..but I do quite fancy having a go at this…

Check out the July issue of the magazine for the full feature and how to guide

In the meantime, if you fancy a visit to a real herirtage industry, I would recommend a call to Waveney rush to see if you can visit the workshop, which has to be in one of the best locations I’ve ever seen!
The company make wonderful matting, baskets and other pieces… stunning!

Winter on the Broads

Having not shot any landscape images for while, I grabbed the Nikon DF and the only lens I had to hand (35mm f2) and headed out of the door at around 7 this morning. Driving about 1.5 miles on the icy roads (it’s times like this I wish I still had my 4×4!) and then walking a little way I looked to my right, across Oulton Broad – the Sun had yet to rise, but the mist was lingering on the surface of the water and there was a gorgeous magenta hue in the sky – I set the camera up and waited for the first slight dash of muted sun to light the right of the frame.

It was so peaceful down there – I didn’t see another sole! –

Using the 35mm lens was ok, but gosh I wish I had my 14mm or 24 with a grad filter on it. Having said that, it was lovely to just soak in the scene around me without too much fiddling with equipment.

This is the first time I’ve used the DF for any landscape material. It seemed to lend itself with the job in hand perfectly… I think I’m falling in love with this bit of kit!

DSC_4671_1 DSC_4673_1 DSC_4687 DSC_4701 DSC_4705_2 Twit pic