Building Site, Model & Some Excellent Work-wear!

A Fabulous shoot a few weeks back on a Mid Suffolk building site for a strong and reputable tough clothing brand using an actual carpenter as the model – a long but thoroughly enjoyable shoot.

The weather gods played ball and provided pretty good conditions – of course it can always be better (i mean, what photographer doesn’t criticise the light!) but on the whole I had enough to work with, added by two or three studio strobes and the odd reflector.

A potential career change for the model Anthony, should the carpentry work ever dry up!

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Summer Shoot on the Norfolk Broads

With the wet and cold weather firmly set in for Winter,  it seems suitable to look back a few months on some of my shoots on the Norfolk Broads, in particular three wonderful days on the Northern & Southern Broads, photographing cyclists, holidaymakers, day trippers, horse riders and locals, all of whom made the summer so much fun for me & my camera gear!

Environmental Portrait in Norfolk

One of many nice shoots this week saw me visit the Stratton Streless Estate in Norfolk and owner Jeff.
The client wanted a nicely lit gentle environmental portrait… The sun was a little too harsh and the amount of dust was horrendous! (photographers never are happy!)

Thankfully I managed to find a few suitable locations – my favorite is the lovely potato boxes.. I just love the texture and colour of these ‘props’… thankfully I got the model in the shade and then setup three small strobes to just had some soft light…worked a treat!

_DSC5964 _DSC5993