Carol Baker – Owner of Lockgate Mill – Norfolk

Carol Baker – Owner of Lockgate Mill – Norfolk

Fine Artist and designer.

“I own the Mill as my Father left it in his Will for me. He bought it around the early 80’s and would often come here, mooring up and sit and enjoy the serenity of the place.
In fact, that is what draws me to this area, it is so tranquil, It is quite a special place.
Father would come in on his boat, moor up in the early morning and leave at twilight. He had plans to do something special with the Mill, sadly, that never worked out.
When I acquired the Mill, I worked closely with the Broads Authority and some repairs were made, to sustain the condition, however I am hopeful planned works will begin later this year and then eventually, perhaps it can become the sketching mill I envisage.
As a designer and fine artist, I really appreciate this mill and its standing in this incredibly special place and I am keen to share my experiences with other artists.
Twilight and early morning are particularly atmospheric here. I am creating an artist hub, a sketch mill, somewhere where artists and the students I teach are able to attend and appreciate.
Outside sketching is very important to me, being able to have the essence of a memory of how you felt at a particular time is a special moment.
I Hope to make it a place where artists are able to come freely and just sketch and enjoy the incredible wildlife.
My father lived in Norfolk and we reconnected in the later part of my life, I would come up from London, visiting both my father and the mill. It was a chance to reconnect with nature, but also escape the hectic life.
These days I mainly use oils for my paintings, to be out in the open, sketching is a truly wonderful feeling”

Stones Mill | Wickhampton Marshes

I’m down to the final couple of mills that are part of the renovation bid that I’m shooting images of. The weather was pretty good yesterday, so I headed out onto Wickhampton marsh and made my way to Stones Mill – a walk that saw me nearly fall into a dyke, end up with mud around my ankles and as I walking through the reed beds, get the shock of my life as a deer jumped up and ran – I’m not sure who was more surprised!

The wind was howling across the marshes. I spent around four hours at the mill, waiting for some decent light and trying to take shelter from the biting cold.. Although the sun was shining, the sky and light actually lacked some depth, so I may end up going back sometime soon.

However, I got this image which demonstrates the surroundings quite nicely.


Haddiscoe Six Mile Drainage Mill

Another trip onto the Island at Haddiscoe.. I finally got the light I need for the images of the Haddiscoe Six Mile House drainage mill – This mill is going to be part of a renovation bid.
The client needed some images of the mill in its current dilapidated state and the surroundings to give it some significance.

It was a hell of a long walk out to the mill. I left the car at around 6am and got to the Mill at 7:40am ready for the golden light.