August edition @Suffolkmag a Rural Airfield in Suffolk

In the August edition of Suffolk Magazine, is the illustrated feature of my time spent at the quirky & lovely rural airfield in Beccles. A wonderful example of passion and hard-work in running a CAA approved airfield in this corner of Suffolk.

“The light warm breeze carries the unmistakable smell of the countryside while the wind sock at the far end of the airfield flutters and the unmistakable hum of an airplane engine carries on above my head.

Eyes darting through the cloud and across rich blue sky, I scan the area for a sign of the approaching plane, suddenly it sounds as though an engine is cut and within what seems like seconds the clouds above me are lit up magically. Brightly coloured canopy’s scatter themselves at varying stages of descent. A few years ago, that would have been me. Watching the skydivers land across the runway and fields I wonder if I still have it in me.

The Cessna Caravan having emptied the load breaks through the cloud, suddenly swinging down onto the runway, practically brushing the tops of the trees, it comes to almost an immediate stop. A handful of eager looking skydivers are ready and waiting for their flight to the drop zone. It sure is a busy day for the pilot”.

Portraiture at Anglia Ruskin | Cambridge

Rather privileged to head back to Anglia Ruskin University to work with a marketing client, obtaining a selection of editorial portraiture for their forthcoming PR use.
Using the interesting surroundings of the Lord Ashcroft Business School, we managed to dodge the harsh sunlight, employ the use of a couple of reflectors and then add a little fill light with a couple of soft boxes

Is it time for all GPs to resign from their NHS contracts…

…was the main talking point at the opening of Pulse Live in Liverpool.

An event exclusively for GPs – discussing the topical issues of the day…

A little bit of ale…

Three months ago I had the pleasure of visiting St Peters Brewery in Suffolk. Working on a feature piece for Suffolk Magazine, I popped along and met the head brewer Steve Groves, who took me on a behind the scenes tour of this unique brewery. The feature will be in Suffolk magazine shortly…

Horizontal rain sweeps across the open fields, quiet roads sprinkled with mud wind their way through this peaceful area of Suffolk. Arriving at the crossroads I follow the delicate signs for St Peters, it isn’t long until the ancient and unquestionably beautiful St Peters Hall and thatched barn appear. The brewery is a hive of activity. Forklift trucks swing out of the barn loading boxes of the distinct oval bottled beer onto the waiting lorry, the chalk board is out advertising the popular weekend brewery tours, while distant sounds of glass clinking on the production line leave me in little doubt this is one busy brewery. I feel rather ashamed to admit to Colin Cordy, the managing director of St Peters Brewery, that as a local Suffolk resident this is my first visit to the wonderful hidden little gem of St Peters. I’ve often passed your signs while I’ve been out riding I say to Colin who has clearly heard that tale before. “The rural nature of our brewery means we are a little off the beaten track, our customers appreciate the quietness, uniqueness and beauty of our location, we like to think it’s certainly worth the trip”………….

A Contemporary Woodturner

This illustrated feature on Contemporary Woodturner Andy Coates should be appearing in the next month or two.

I shot these images a couple of months back when I visited Andy’s workshop and gallery in Beccles.

I had never seen such delicate wood turning and craft skills before and I was completely transfixed by his style and design.

His workshop is well worth a visit!

Uganda | Magazine Feature

My Uganda images from 2014 have popped up again, this time in Nikon Magazine… I’m busy processing and editing the images from last month and genuinely can’t wait to display them.

A few will be posted over the coming weeks (when time allows) with the majority being shown at the summer exhibition at the Forum in Norwich


A Suffolk Woodturner

Recently I spent time with Andy Coates, a professional woodturner based in Beccles. I’m working on a magazine feature exploring the wonders that Andy creates.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning, learning about the industry and watchingAndy turn an ordinary piece of wood into something rather exquisite…

The contemporary pieces that Andy creates are really quite something and unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Full photos and feature to come in the next couple of monthsAndy Coates Professional Woodturner

Waveney Rush

In the November issue of Suffolk Magazine I get to grips with Waveney Rush Cutters…a Suffolk based company which is keeping the age old craft of rush weaving alive!

“Paddling my kayak up river on the picturesque River Waveney near Homersfield, I’m fighting against the surprisingly strong current, through the freshly cleared and cut bull rushes. The reflection of the sun bouncing off the water, the air filled with the sound of country life ticking by and the odd splash of the river as another fish gasps for air. After 15 minutes of tough paddling I finally gain sight of the rush cutters, up to their waist in the crystal clear water, pulling, cutting and tying incredibly lush looking bull rushes. The rushes are gathered together pushed down river to the next cutter, who trims, ties and forms a bolt (bundle of rushes) which are then loaded onto the metal barge. The team of three men have been busy for a few weeks clearing this stretch of the river, gradually making progress deep into the heart of the countryside “It’s been really tough” admits Paul the maintenance manager of Waveney Rush as he hauls yet another bolt onto an already fully loaded barge.”



A piece of cake | Suffolk cycling


In this months Suffolk magazine my latest cycling ride takes in the wonderful countryside of West Suffolk – starting in Ickworth, I really enjoyed the 30 odd mile cycle ride through some wonderfully quiet and quaint lanes. A nice coffee and cake at the new cycle cafe Magila Rosa and a few testing hills to burn that cake off!

All rather enjoyable and fabulous way to write a new feature