Give a Child a Camera | V3 2018 | Uganda

Give a Child a Camera | V3 2018 | Uganda

I’m really pleased to announce that #Giveachildacamera returns for 2018, where I will be rolling the project out to a group of young vulnerable children on the border with Rwanda.

Give a child a camera is all about providing slightly different opportunties for children in East Africa.
After a little bit of tution the children, (who have not used cameras before) are given their cameras for around a week, where they document their lives in a fascinating fashion.

If you would like to get involved, have an old camera, laptop, equipment or wish to donate to the project please pop along to the project website

Julian with the photo students at Eden

Young Ugandan lad from the village

This young lad came from the local village and was working as a laborer with some builders.
An Incredibly hard worker, he would often stop and stare at the Westerner, watching intently at every footstep I took, never showing any emotion.
Many of the local children were on a break from schools in the area, and although I was told he goes to school, many had told me he ‘sometimes’ goes, no doubt dependent if his mother/guardian required him to earn some money for the family that day.











“He is old” | Uganda

A few months ago in Uganda I came across this elderly man, sitting on the grass, looking out over Lake Bunyonyi. The young guy who was showing me his village said blankly “he is old, not well” 

Somehow the elderly guy got around, relying on the wooden ‘walking stick’ finding his way around the hillside high above the lake.

Although dialogue was hard, I was told he sits there most days, unable to work on the land anymore (or indeed anywhere else), his life is spent on the hillside, often on his own.

I spent half hour, in a mixture of hand signals, gestures and interpretations we had some form of conversation. I left him much as I had come across him a while earlier, sitting, looking and watching the world go by, but above all else with a sense of dignity about him


Give a child a camera!….

As you’ll no doubt be aware…early 2015 I’m returning to Uganda to work with Eden Orphan School, deep in the countryside of Western Uganda.

I’ll be staying at the school, teaching the children photography, providing them with 35mm cameras and getting them to shoot images of their daily life.
Those photographs will then be developed and be presented to the children in albums. An exhibition of their work will be shown in the UK during late 2015, raising the profile of the school and the good work that Ronald the headteacher is carrying out.

I’m returning to the school with 35mm cameras, a couple of used digital cameras (for the teachers) a secondhand laptop and other materials to help progress the project.

As well as the photographic project, I will also be taking out some valuable materials for the school. Items include pencils, pens, exercise books, educational books, sports equipment, maps etc

Funding is already in place to proceed with the first stage of this project, however as always, extra funding will help to purchase some wooden benches and chalk boards for the class rooms (purchased while I’m at the school)

I have decided to stay at the school & I can honestly say I’m blown away by the local community who are getting ready for my arrival. They are building a small brick room for my stay (wow!!) The picture attached shows the staff and local guardians of the children helping to build this. It was taken two days ago by Ronald.

Thank you to all of you so far who have provided donations for the project, helping to make my vision a reality. You are honestly making a huge impact on the children of this area.
The project isn’t about poverty or highlighting what they do and do not have, it is about giving time, believe and education, culminating in a body of work from the children that will hopefully demonstrate above all else human dignity.

If you would like to become involved I would be only too happy to send you some further information.