A spot of Motorbike racing at Brands Hatch

When a job popped in for a shoot at Brands Hatch I wondered what to expect.. I knew I was there to shoot a promising young female rider, named Steph Waddelow, but knowing very little about the sport of motorbike racing, I wasn’t sure what I could and couldn’t shoot…

Arriving early, having spoken to Steph the day before I knew the bike couldn’t be moved after 10am (due to tyre warming/tests etc) so, getting the posed shots done at 9am, – using softboxes and strobes, I then was treated to a trip to the pit lane and good access to watch the racing, shooting a few frames of Steph and her fellow team mates racing.

I’m certainly no motorbike racing photographer, but really enjoyed the mixture of great people photography and some fast paced sport chucked in for good measure.