Fabulous London Shoot

Often older people are portrayed in various publications & care homes/agencies etc as frail and happy to sit and watch the world pass them by….photographed in bland rooms with beige paint and those lovely (!?) vinyl chairs… thankfully things are changing and one organisation that I work with is at the forefront in changing perceptions & opportunities is AGE UK Camden.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with them this year on a variety of exciting and challenging shoots, helping to change those preconceptions.

These images were from a shoot on the waterfront in Camden. It was a pleasure to not only photograph these people, but also to sit and talk and hear about their amazing lives – full of stories, love and passion, truly incredible people and who have thirst for life.

Car Share Shoot

This was an enjoyable shoot in the city suburbs, of a community care share project which has recently launched.
It’s always a challenge when you arrive at a location and the rain is beating down and it’s freezing cold… of course, the challenge comes in creating that spring or early autumn look and making sure the volunteer models feel comfortable and look ‘at home’ in the images.

Part of the enjoyment of photography is not knowing what is around the corner – certainly keeps one on their toes!

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“He is old” | Uganda

A few months ago in Uganda I came across this elderly man, sitting on the grass, looking out over Lake Bunyonyi. The young guy who was showing me his village said blankly “he is old, not well” 

Somehow the elderly guy got around, relying on the wooden ‘walking stick’ finding his way around the hillside high above the lake.

Although dialogue was hard, I was told he sits there most days, unable to work on the land anymore (or indeed anywhere else), his life is spent on the hillside, often on his own.

I spent half hour, in a mixture of hand signals, gestures and interpretations we had some form of conversation. I left him much as I had come across him a while earlier, sitting, looking and watching the world go by, but above all else with a sense of dignity about him