Egyptian Taxi Driver

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be uploading a selection of portraiture that I shot in 2012 when I cycled through East Africa.

These portraits represent some of the remarkable people I met throughout the 5500 mile cycle adventure.I met this Taxi Driver on a side street in Aswan, Egypt, while held up in a hostel waiting for the ferry to Sudan.

He was an incredibly charming guy, we sat, drank karkade and smoked shisha, talked about the elections and the uprising.

His fears for the country after Mohamed Morsi (pictured on election posters) took power and what he wanted for the future.He was deeply concerned about the country and his fears proved to sadly be correct.

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Miracle | Uganda

This is 12 year old Miracle.
She lives with her grandmother in Southwest Uganda. Sadly her parents both died of HIV and since then her grandmother has looked after her and sells at the local market earning “just enough” to pay the rent on her hillside home above the border town.

Although HIV Positive, the health of Miracle is really rather good. Thanks to a funding program from USAID and the tireless work of a Ugandan NGO, she receives regular medication to manage her health.

She told me she wants to be a doctor.

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Fabis | South Western Uganda


I met this interesting lady last year while visiting some old friends in Western Uganda. I was truly captivated by the muted colours and wilderness of scene that unfolded in front of me.

30 year old Fabis has two children and works around 8 hours a day in the fields and banana groves earning 2500 ugx (50p) per day, in the village of Kachwekano. She suffers with bad eyesight.

Give a Child a Camera | Website Update

Give a Child a Camera | Ugandan children documenting their lives through photography

Project website has been updated… please share/like if at all possible. The project only functions with the kind support from people like you!

V4 – East Africa – Possibly Kenya (discussions underway!)

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Feel Inspired | Give a Child a Camera

Inspired by my project Give a Child a Camera…? Pop along to Open, Norwich on the 29th March.

In association with those lovely folks at WEX Photographic – I’ll be giving a talk about #GiveaChildaCamera – how the project started, what the children of rural Uganda thought about using a camera for the first time and ultimately displaying a selection of awe inspiring images from the kids both from V1 & V2 of the project, along with a small selection of my own work from my time over the last couple of years living within the rural community.

To find out more…

#Giveachildacamera talk at Open in Norwich

Have you been captivated by my African photographic project Give a Child a Camera?
In conjunction with Wex Photographic I’ll be giving a talk at Open in Norwich during January about my project, the adventure that saw me out in Africa and how the children of rural Uganda have taken to photography, showing some of their stunning images. The talk will also include moving and inspirational video clips of life at school in rural Uganda.

Signup via the link below









It certainly is #MoreThanAnImage

It’s terrific to see that the UK’s biggest and best (IMHO) photographic retailer is using one of my documentary images from rural Uganda in their #MoreThanAnImage campaign.

“Among a diverse range of photographic assignments, Julian Claxton Photography uses his craft to document and enhance the lives of schoolchildren in rural Africa.

Part of Julian’s Give a Child a Camera project, the image below shows the intense and moving scenes of morning prayer at a community school in Uganda. #MoreThanAnImage

Check out the Wex Photographic facebook page for further details

prayer_uganda_dsc5735        wex

Two Days Left |Give a Child a Camera Exhibition

If you’ve not already taken a trip to Sam’s Coffee in Lowestoft, you have just a couple of days left to visit the ‘Give a child a camera’ exhibition.

Featuring the photographic work of children from Eden School, the exhibition tells the story of children from this rural part of Africa through their own images.

if you would like to find out more about the project or to donate to the project please visit

Ugandan Bee Keeper

I’ve been shooting a lot of commercial work lately (and again this evening) so I thought I would post another image from Uganda… this time it’s the rural bee keeper.

Visiting him at his home I enjoyed the most scrumptious honey I’ve ever tasted! freshly sourced in what seemed like just seconds. Such a friendly and hospitable gentleman, I always amazed at the welcome one receives in Africa


Rural Uganda & a laptop

With another trip to Rwanda & rural Uganda just around the corner, here is an image from last year, which was also shown at my exhibition in the summer.

Late one evening, at his home Ronald and family watched a 20 second microsoft movie on the laptop I was given to take out to him.. Watching the movie about 15 times Angel (the small child) was completely mesmerized by the animation.