Fancy a quick snack..? Catering Shoot | Cambridge College

Fancy a quick snack..? maybe queen leafcutter ants,  buffalo worm and cricket falafel hashara or zataar flatbread made with cricket flour? My advice would be to book a dining spot at the fabulous St Johns College in Cambridge.

Talk about pushing boundaries… the chefs and apprentices at the college embrace the chance to work with some unusual and creative ingredients to create some rather memorable dishes!
A few weeks ago I was working on a stock of visuals for their new marketing material.
I love working at the colleges, their history, architecture and ambience is quite something.
It’s always a challenge to get good lighting, especially in kitchen environments where it can be rather hectic – but a challenge is all part of the job.

I particularly love the image of the waiting staff in the grand dining hall – a few strobes helped to present a strong visual.

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It’s all about relationships

This year I’ve been shooting documentary material for the project Relational Schools in Cambridge.

Part of the wider network, entitled Relational Thinking.

This particular part of the project saw me shooting images while the film/documentary was being shot at the college in Cambs. It brought its own challenges – when I could and could not shoot etc, but ended up in some fine documentary style images, which was just what Rob needed for the project.

End of September saw the film premiere and book launch at St Catherine’s College in Cambridge. Fabulous to go along and see my work used on such a wide and varied scale – including the book cover and throughout its pages.