Early morning signage shoot in Cambridge

Photographing new signage for press releases, websites & marketing material might sound pretty ordinary, but to get the most out of any shoot, the key is preparation. Needing the images by early afternoon I was given one morning to shoot a handful of images of the ‘shop front’ of Carter Jonas in Cambridge.

I decided to arrive nice and early. 6:45am, scoping the area, working out what could and would work.
Within 10 minutes I was standing in the road, shooting from the tripod while cars very kindly avoided hitting me (a couple of near misses!) it was one hell of a bright day, but thankfully that early morning sunlight worked a treat!

Bradshaws B2B Launch

Last week Bradshaws in Cambridge launched their new premises in Cambridge city centre with a B2B launch evening.

Here are a few images from the launch evening.

B is for Bradshaws!

Driving into Cambridge for a shoot last night, I passed a huge advertising banner with my images on! What a sight!

Unfortunately I couldn’t get a ‘snap’ of it.. but here is another in the latest Bradshaws brochure – Shot on the roof top of the Varsity hotel in the city (what a location!)

Bradshaws _ 2014