Fabulous Cycling Festival Rolled to the Seaside

‘Gorleston in Gear’ was the place to be on Sunday, as a fabulous cycling festival rolled into the seaside town.

Kids and adults alike embraced the free cycling festival, which featured a 7 mile family ride, circus bikes, trial bike stunts, children’s bike ability/training and not forgetting the awesome paint bike!
Thankfully the weather embraced the occasion and helped everyone enjoy this spring cycling celebration

Embracing Sports | Active Norfolk UEA Festival

The sporting theme continued last week as I visited the Start track festival at the UEA sportspark, shooting images for the organisers.

Thankfully I picked the right day, blessed with a mix of cloud and sunshine, at times it actually felt like Spring!

Spending the afternoon with the kids and the level two coaches I watched them learn no end of new skills, culminating in a rather competitive sports day! Excellent fun