Portrait of Muhammad in Sudan

Continuing with the portrait theme from the epic cycle ride to Rwanda in 2012, this is a portrait of Muhammad in Sudan.

I had packed up and left my pitch in the desert at 5am – it was peaceful, beautiful and really quite special. 30 degrees already, it was going to be a hot one.
at 65 miles the temperature was around 40 degrees, so I slept for three hrs in a storm drain (the only shade available!) Eventually, after 85 miles, I arrived in Abri. Famished, hot & bothered. I enjoyed four eggs, 6 pita breads and handfuls of salt. It was the only thing available in the village and Muhammad’s father (who cooked my eggs) was a godsend.

Muhammad was leaning against the stunning blue washed wall and it simply made the most beautiful portrait.

After an epic day in the saddle, this was the perfect end!

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