Portrait of Karina | Norwich

Continuing with the portrait theme and stories about positive immigration. I shot this portrait of Karina in Norwich around two years ago, as part of the Portraits project of people (still ongoing) who live, work and have moved to Norfolk & Suffolk.

Spoken in her own words.

“I come from San Paulo, Brazil and this is my second time in the UK, we came to Norwich this time as my Husband got a job working for Aviva. The first time we were in the UK was 2014, when we were based in Bexley Heath in Kent, but this was not a good experience for me because I could not speak English and my daughter was only 6 months old.

I found it difficult with communication and I didn’t feel good at all, so we went back to Brazil whilst my Husband remained working in the UK, because he was unable to find a job back in Brazil due to the economic situation. I went to university to study management. I then decided to return to the UK to try again and I now feel very happy here. I can’t explain what happened the first time, but something made me feel bad, but now I would really like to stay here. Norwich I love, with the Broads, nature and you can do a lot outside, even if the weather is not great.

The schools are very good here also. I have made friends through my English class also. All my Family are in Brazil, it was just my Husband, Daughter and myself who have come to the UK. We hope to visit them in August time. It is very difficult to leave when we go home, a little bit of my heart remains there, but I am also excited to come back here, it feels like home. I am hoping to do volunteer work to help progress my English and get to know more people. I think volunteering is good as I can give my time to help others, and give my experiences to others. We have lived in Portugal for 9 years, my Daughter is Portuguese. I didn’t come from a rich family and we had financial difficulties, I had lots of different jobs. I started working when I was 13 years old to help my Family, cleaning houses. I gave all my money I earnt to my Mother”


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