Mohammed | Egypt

Another emotive image from the epic UK to Rwanda cycle adventure – from one of my favourite countries – Egypt. – a picture of Mohammed.

I had spent around 6 hours in the saddle, travelling along the Nile Southwards, ultimately towards Aswan.
It had been a really tough few hours in the saddle. The temperature was already 38 degrees and I had received lots of hassle. As I crossed the Nile, a small moto pulled up alongside, two young lads rode alongside for around a 100 metres, before gently pulling out an enormous knife. I vividly remember staring at it, seeing it shine in the baking heat. I can’t remember what happened next – basically I lost my temper, riding towards them and shouting lots.
It seemed to work, they departed and I didn’t see them again.With the temperature rising and already 6 hours tarmac/dust under the wheels I found some shade, under a small tree outside a factory. Sipping luke warm water I began to drift in and out of sleep.Within a few minutes a pickup arrived with 10 or so men and women in, a large chap came out and offered some shelter in the big warehouse… a few minutes later I was sat on a plastic chair, inside a massive warehouse, air conditioned and shear bliss. I spent around two hours, chatting to the folks working and learning about their village and work. It turns out (at the time) they grew potatoes for the UK & European markets and kept them in the airconditioned warehouse awaiting collection.

Mohammed wasn’t overly keen on having a photo, eventually I wore him down and he duly posed with the potatoes. A remarkable experience, that reinstated my belief in the good of humans after my earlier run in. After a hugely enjoyable rest, where I honestly made a couple of friends, I set off again. With another 40 miles to cover it was on with the adventure.

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