Little camping trip

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of enjoying a winter camping trip, truly ‘getting away from it all’… that’s right, a winter camping trip under the stars (well, actually it was cloudy and wet!) and without any mobile phones/laptops and nonsense.

A friend and I found a lovely little spot on a Norfolk beach and settled in for an evening around the campfire, eating, drinking and talking. It was a lovely back to basics trip and much needed after the excesses of the festive period.

We enjoyed a similar trip in late autumn and it seems this may be a regular exercise to recharge the batteries!

I generally don’t take any camera equipment on trips like this, but on this trip I popped my small Fuji X30 in the bag and so glad I did.

Upon waking up, it was evident the morning light was truly special and I’m really glad I took the little camera to shoot a couple of frames.

This shot is straight out of the camera.. No nonsense, no filters or anything like that. Kind of resembling our little camping trip – back to basics

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