Jan | Carer in Norfolk

From the early 2021 Covid Portrait series. Shot socially distanced, using a single strobe & black backdrop.


Care Support Worker.

I work in an 80 bed dementia home in Norfolk..
We do what we can for our residents to make their life as happy and homely as possible.

It’s been so difficult during lockdown, thankfully visiting is allowed again, but during the height of lockdown, no one was allowed in and psychologically it was really tough for everyone, the residents, their families and indeed us, the carers. The residents only had us, so we were their family and it was a privilege to be such a crucial element of their lives during Covid-19.

I constantly worry about the residents, we were tested regularly (and continue to be) and from a personal point of view, I didn’t do anything, came to work, home and back again, we just had to keep everyone safe and well and look after each other.

People don’t really realise how difficult it is to be a carer, especially during a worldwide pandemic, maybe in time things will change.

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