Great Yarmouth Market Stall

From the series Portrait.
Darren & Christine. Nicholls Fish Stall Great Yarmouth – spoken in their own words.
“Crabs are a big seller these days. When we first started, we had stacks of jellied eels with bread, in fact the bread would often run out and we would have to run to the baker, getting extra loaves to satisfy demand.My Granddad started the business in 1946, he had to buy the recipe for the jellied eels off someone locally to start the business, it has been a family business, passed through the generations.Dad used to catch the eels,, he would put the pots out at night and leave them twenty four hours, returning to collect them. I remember as a little girl seeing hundreds of eels biting on the river surface. He would have an old Austin van and would shout “Legs up” as the buckets fell over and eels would be swirling around inside.As time moved on and tastes changed, the demands for things like jellied eels changed, so they started to introduce a bigger variety. Dad moved with the times, he introduced cockles, whelks and the like. When Darren and I took over and the market went undercover, we introduced wet fish to the market, coming from in from Lowestoft, Kings Lynn and Cromer.I love the town, I hate it when people run the town down, it’s a lovely place to live. People honestly don’t realise how lucky they are, The beach, the Broads, what more could you want?”
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