Feel inspired and joyful of humankind!

Just under two weeks to go until the awards evening..!

I like to think I have helped inspire the children at Eden school to think about photography and art, giving them the opportunity to use cameras and try something new…. Equally, those children and others I have met during my East Africa travels have inspired me to think about life differently.

After all, look at the passion these kids have, how can you not feel inspired and joyful of humankind!

_JWC1534_low EDP_AWards


  • Nyx

    Congratulations on winning the 2015 Award! Left my heart in Uganda a long time ago, reliving joyful memories through your photographs.

    • admin

      Thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch…. it really is a special kind of place isn’t it. I hope you manage to return to that wonderful country

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