Auditions for the English Youth Ballet come to Norwich

Auditions for the English Youth Ballet come to Norwich…

I was asked to shoot a couple of reportage images and then shoot a vertical group shot for the cover or inside page of the magazine – naturally, photographing 100 kids in a vertical format was not ideal.
The lighting was awful (ended up using three strobes and high ISO) and using a 14mm lens created it’s own issues. I had 10 mins to grab the shots, not my chosen way to shoot a big group, but alas it worked for them.

“The English Youth Ballet is now well-established for the production of full length classical ballets in the regional theatres of the UK. The Company uses 100 young dancers chosen by audition from within an 80-100 mile radius of the theatre in the area, therefore giving young ballet dancers the opportunity to experience the creative process from rehearsal to performance in our exciting productions of The Nutcracker, Coppelia, The Sleeping Beauty, Giselle or Swan Lake.

Auditions take place either on stage at a regional theatre or in a school in the town where performances will take place and last for 90/105 minutes.”



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