A Portrait of Lily.

A Portrait of Lily. Spoken in her own words in 2019.
Lily Boulton – At the Car boot Pitch

“I was an evacuee, put on a farm for 3 years near East Markham, it was a big house in the county,
they were lovely, but all I wanted was to be with mum and dad at home.

I used to do the milking, getting the cows out of the sheds and into the fields. I was a town girl, it was a completely different life for me.
When I returned to Great Yarmouth, I started dancing. I used to dance regularly on the Wellington Pier, big shows. I was always dancing. We were called the Five Steppins.
Oh the fun we had, it was tremendous.
After the dancing I became a proprietor of a guesthouse. A lovely guesthouse in the town. It was always alive with people, lovely people. Eventually I turned it into a care home.
I might be 91, but I drive anywhere. I did do the advance driving course, I just love driving.

These days I regularly do car boot sales, it makes me happy and makes others happy. Everyone knows each other and they all help me setup. It’s a real community”

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