A Life in Beet

Another portrait from the social portrait series, taken in 2019.Alex Mason – A life in Sugar Beet Spoken in his own words in 2019.

“if you’re a long way from it, it’s quite a pleasant smell”It was long journey to Norfolk, in fact I guess it all started around 1960.I had just got my Highers (education) in Fife and got a job in a laboratory in Scotland.

After a while I was offered a management course, which ultimately saw me take management positions at factories in Shropshire, Kings Lynn, Newmark and eventually to Cantley in 1990, where I was manager until 2007. From there, I also took on responsibility for the Ipswich and Downham market site.I started to have meetings with the local community, we built relationships and became an integral part of the community.

It was an enjoyable place to work and be part of.

’m firmly part of Norfolk now, in fact, many years ago we were part of the Norfolk Caledonian society, I was secretary for the society for a time and although this doesn’t continue anymore, we still meet twice a year for lunch.


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