A day with a Newmarket racing stable…

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of spending a day at one of the top racing stables in Newmarket, going behind the scenes, watching the daily activities of the trainers and stable folk who look after the young filly’s and colts who’s value is up to £2 million pounds… The feature will be appearing soon in Suffolk magazine.


“Like no other town in the country or perhaps even the world, the home of racing is a special and rather peculiar place. A place where cars give way to horse and rider, where pavements do not have cycle lanes, instead room for the hundreds of horses that trot out daily. It’s a place that has over three thousand racehorses, some of the finest training grounds and trainers in the world and an estimate that one in three local jobs is related to the industry. Indeed, Novum Forum as it was in known in the 13th Century is a fine place. Somewhat bleary eyed, sipping the last of my espresso, I come to the large gates at Pegasus Stables, where the unassuming entrance sits opposite the world renowned Godolphin stables. Providing me passage into the world of horse racing and training, the small entrance leads to a quintessentially racing courtyard, that is a hive of early morning activity. The dark blue morning sky is illuminated by Victorian style lamps hanging from the delicate yet spectacular 19th Century building that now houses dozens of fine horses. “Morning” comes a shout as someone walks past with some bridals. The horses are a beautiful silhouette in their stables, as the light shines through the door. Standing in the shadows, watching as the morning activities are underway, there is an underlying feeling you’re somewhere special. The imposing nature of the of buildings and the elegant architecture add to the feeling of splendour……..”

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